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Luxury Design: Intro

Mutina Puzzle Aland Luxury Design

(Mutina | Puzzle | Aland | 10 X 10)

Luxury Design

Whether you’re a connoisseur of design, or you’ve simply experienced it when you’ve visited hotels, resorts, restaurants and well-appointed homes, good design tells a story. It evokes emotion and – simply put, makes you want to be there. (And yes, it makes you want to Instagram it, too.) Good design is made up of a thousand tiny pieces. From the interior architecture to the finishes on the furniture, millwork, walls and floors.

Sometimes the project calls for basic (yet high-quality!) materials. But when you’re trying to achieve outstanding design, sometimes your project will call for next-level materials. In our blog series, Luxury Design, we’ll highlight some key differences in premium tile and explain why you might just want to take your material selection from basic to, well, extra.

Mutina  Phenomenon Rain C Bianco Luxury Design


Mutina | Phenomenon Rain C | Bianco


The first question we always get from our clients who are considering a variety of materials and price points is: “Why does premium tile have a premium price?” And “Is it worth it?” To the latter, we say, Yes! If your budget allows and you’ve fallen for a high-design tile, go for it! Tile, unlike many of the materials in your project, will be installed for years to come. So we find that most clients are genuinely happiest when they get the tile they love. As for the former, we’ll be sharing a few blog posts that will help you understand and appreciate premium tile characteristics. We’ll be covering these topics, so be sure to check them out:

  1. Original Designs
  2. Depth & Texture
  3. Pattern
  4. Color
  5. Craft & Technique

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