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Luxury Design: Depth and Texture

Mutina Phenomenon 

(Mutina | Phenomenon)

Luxury Design: Depth and Texture

Welcome to part 2 of our 5-part series on Luxury Design.  In writing these posts, our goal is to help you understand what to look for when you’re considering stone and tile for your project.  As we’ve said before, sometimes basic tile is just what your project calls for. But sometimes the project calls for nuances in your materials. So let’s take a look at a feature that can REALLY set a tile apart from all the others: Depth and Texture. (Wait, maybe that’s two features? Well, you get the idea.)




Mutina | Phenomenon Air | Bianco



When you’re exploring tile options, think about how that tile will look in your final installation. How will it interact with light? Will dramatic shadows enhance your design? If you’re creating a feature wall, you’ll want to skip basic and go for “Wow!”.

 You can really get a sense of these materials on Mutina’s Instagram @mutinaceramics.



Just take a look at some of these tiles by Mutina. The color palette is neutral, so they’re timeless. Yet each piece is like a work of art. Once they’re installed on your wall, you can experiment with different types of lighting to get shadows and contrast as dramatic or subtle as you like. Either way, the wall will undoubtedly become the envy of your friends and neighbors.


(Mutina | Tex)

With Tex, each piece has a different texture and they come together to create a really incredible rhombus pattern. (We’ve seen a million wannabes of this tile since we first introduced it, and honestly haven’t seen one that’s even close to this.)


(Mutina | Phenomenon)

With Phenomenon, each style is absolutely unique. It’s like a million pieces of jewelry on one mesh back. With the style Rain, each piece is curved, which looks stunning in application. In the Honeycomb B style, the hexagons are articulated, which is amazzzzing when light is cast upon it.

Learn about the designers of these exquisite collections. 

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Depending on your overall project budget, you might have a little sticker shock at first glance. But keep in mind that these tiles are often only needed in small quantities. And the cost for installation is generally the same no matter which tile you choose. Not to mention, once installed, they’re typically there for years, if not decades. In our experience, those who have splurged on luxury tiles for feature walls have generally been happy they did.

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