What Is Sintered Glass?

What Is Sintered Glass?
Sintered Glass is a material used for walls and backsplashes as an alternative to stone, porcelain or ceramic tile. It’s created when colored glass powder is heated and pressed into a glass sheet. This produces a through-color effect in the final tile.

New technologies allow for the glass to have a solid appearance, rather than translucent or opaque, and digital printing allows for a marble appearance. This effect isn’t typically achievable in other types of glass, such as back painted glass.


Why Use Recycled Sintered Glass?

It’s SOOO smooth to the touch.

Remember the first time you touched that smooth iPhone? Or the case you just had to have? Or, if you're a bookworm like me, that silky smooth Kindle?  It’s the same idea. Sintered glass just feels nice. When you order your sample, you'll see what we mean.


It’s eye candy.

Each piece looks a little like jewelry. Yet it’s really subtle. So it makes a statement while blending in perfectly with your countertops and just about any paint color. And – it’s available in fun shapes like rhombus and chevron.


It fits just about any budget.

We prefer luxury materials that are affordable. These mosaics are perfectly priced, with a range of $12.99-$14.99 which includes FREE SHIPPING! (Keep in mind, tile is very heavy, so free shipping can help you save hundreds of dollars.)


It’s easy to clean.

It’s non-porous, which means you don’t have to worry about a splash of spaghetti sauce (or Sunday sauce, if you will). Just wipe it clean. 


It’s recycled! 

Why not use recycled materials whenever we can, right? We love materials that have zero environmental impact. Every little bit helps!


Ready to get your project going? Check out our selection of Sintered Glass Tiles and let's go! If you need a little help in pulling your design together, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our design professionals would love to help. And - it's completely free!

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