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The Many Shades of Grey: Selecting Grey Finishes

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, the many shades of grey are popular choices for your cabinetry, countertops, and tile. You can transform your space and take it from drab to fab with some paint and tile! You can complete a tone on tone look with grey painted cabinets, a grey and white countertop, and grey tile. This subtle look is luxurious and updated, especially when you install a lighter shade of grey tile, or go for a white and grey mosaic!

A medium grey paint is a good choice for your cabinets, and here is a little tip: be sure to sand and prime your cabinets before you start painting! This will save you time and money in the long run. Your paint will easily chip or scrape off if your cabinetry is not properly cleaned, sanded, and primed before you start with your paint color. When you have prepped your cabinets, it should only take one to two coats of the grey paint.

If you have your heart set on a specific grey backsplash, bring the tile sample with you to the paint store. There is nothing worse than coming home with the wrong shade of paint when you are ready to go gung ho and start painting! Grey can be tricky. There are cool greys and there are warm greys. The cooler greys have a bluish undertone, and warmer greys have a brownish undertone. If you love our Carrara mosaics then you will want to select a cool grey paint color, but if you love our Spain Grey Curve Appeal Mosaic, then you will want to select a warmer, taupe grey. Your local paint store would be able to help you select the right shade, but you may want to purchase a couple of test paint samples and bring them home. Paint a few spots of the paint samples on your cabinets and hold your tile sample next to them when the spots are dry.

Lighting plays a big part in how your new paint will look in your space. You can purchase our tile samples online, and play with the many shades of grey paint until you find the right one for your home!

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