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New Year, New Shapes

Are you tired of the same ol' look? Are you thinking of something a bit different that will really make your living space stand out? We have some really simple ways to add a designer touch to any environment without breaking your wallet.
When it comes to tiles, it's really all about the shape. The pattern and the shape you choose are ultimately what will give character to your room so it’s important that you use the tile that best complements your room.


Whether it be a hexagon tiled floor or a beautiful mosaic design throughout the walls, the use of shapes can provide that eccentric atmosphere to a room you desire. 


You can also combine various shapes within the same area to allow for variety.
But let's take a step back. The first step in adding some dimension to a room is finding the perfect tile shape. Pick a shape that speaks to you and your style. Or a shape that you normally wouldn't see. Do not be afraid to be bold with your decisions. Being different will make you stand out.


Two shapes that are really dominating the trend chart now are Mod Picket and MidPoint. The way these two types of tiles interlace between each other, can bring your backdrop or bathroom walls to life without overwhelming the space. If you're not sure about covering big areas of your room, then a decorative wall piece is the way to go and, no, we're not talking about classic canvas wall art. Framing a mosaic and layering that over a basic tile is the new trend now. This easy yet stylish motif allows a simple room to become artistic and compelling. Talk about a statement piece!
Using different shapes is a non-traditional way to make your space one of a kind. Any classic look can be given an edge. The key aspect is to think outside the box--Start getting your creative juices flowing. Create different boards on Pinterest. Look through magazines. Follow blogs. Compare and Contrast. Pick your favorite shapes.


Let shapes take over your imagination and have fun!


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