Is Natural Stone Flooring Right for Your Home?

Let’s talk about one of the greatest flooring options (that we are 100% sure keeps popping up on your Pinterest feed): natural stone tiles. There are a few things you’ll have to consider before you pick this type of tile for your floors, and there is a whole lot to love about it if you do.

We want to help make your flooring project a fun & easy one so we’ve compiled a list of information and tips about natural stone floor tiles to help you make your decision.

Let’s Start With the Things You’ll Need to Consider:
  •  Price 

Best Price Natural Stone Tiles

Let’s keep it real. Price is a huge factor in decision-making. Figuring out what to splurge on and what to skimp on is very important. Flooring is something that you’ll use every day and will be with your home for a very long time.

You’re going to want a high-quality product that is durable, safe, and above all – something gorgeous that you truly love. Buying natural stone and tile, in general, is not just another purchase, it’s an investment that will make your home more beautiful for years and years to come.


    If you’re shopping around for natural stone and on a strict budget, make sure to look around for sales. Not all-natural stone tiles will fit into your project budget, but some will! There are tons of options to choose from.

    If you have your heart set on the look of natural stone but find that cost is prohibitive, you may want to consider a material that has a less expensive price point. There are porcelain tiles on the market with the look of stone.

    Of course, as the Motown hit goes - Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby – but you can certainly purchase something surprisingly realistic if need be.


    •  Honing Process

    Some types of natural stone, such as marble or limestone, will change over time. The tread of heavy foot traffic will eventually age marble from polished to hone and from honed to more hone.

    Truly this could be a pro or con of natural stone floor tile depending on how you feel about the passage of time. Some people want a polished stone tile that will stay slick through the ages.
    Others don’t mind the aging process and either enjoy the honed aesthetic or just use one of the many products available to restore shine as needed.


      Purchasing natural stone that is already honed so it has a matte finish means it will be less likely to scratch, and also means it will be less slippery.
      This makes it a great choice for your natural stone floor tiles. If you are in the market for honed marble, here are some selections that we love.



      • Need TLC

       TLC process for natural stone tiles
      Natural stone floor tiles are very much like the skin on your face and deserve to be treated as such. Both are beautiful and like special treatment from time to time!
      Some tools and cleaners can ruin materials like limestone and marble, so it’s incredibly important to do your research on the proper way to maintain the floor tile you select.

      Since natural stone flooring is soft and porous remember to apply a sealant once a month to protect it.
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      Placing area rugs on marble or limestone flooring can make a chic space even more attractive – and add an extra bit of protection in high traffic areas.

      What You Will Love About Them

      • Absolute Luxury

      This is actually the 1 to 100 reason why you’ll love these tiles. There is no doubt about it - natural stone is fancy. Throughout the centuries, people have been drawn to the texture and aesthetic appeal of white marble with soft, flowing swirls.

      It evokes images of history's greatest buildings, from the stately Palace of Versailles to the sacred Taj Mahal.


      Natural stone wall tiles coupled with matching floor tiles can make any room a luxury escape! Try playing around with different fixtures that will make different parts of the room pop.

      • Cool in More Ways Than One

      If you live in a region with hot weather for at least one part of the year, you know the struggle (and high cost!!) of trying to keep your home cool. Besides looking cool, natural stone floor tiles do a great job of keeping temperatures pleasant without increasing your electric bill.

      Choosing flooring that greatly reduces the energy consumption of your home is something we can all feel good about - especially Mother Nature.


      For an extra cool approach consider using a unique pattern with darker elements. It will give the room a modern vibe and will rarely look dirty. Check out this chic choice  that will have your room looking and feeling cool.

      • Array of Options

      Within the natural stone family, there is a myriad of materials to choose from. Some of the rock stars (pun intended) of the family are:

      1. Marble
      2. Limestone
      3. Basalt
      4. Granite
      5. Sandstone
      6. Slate

      Each of these materials has slightly different properties. It's important to understand the characteristics of the type of stone flooring tile you are purchasing in order to determine whether it is appropriate for a specific location.

      Want to learn about the different properties? Check out this awesome guide for more details or reach out to a trusted expert via phone or e-mail.


      If you want to talk to a professional who will make it their mission to find the perfect choice for your project, dial 888.266.4925 or e-mail We want you to enjoy this process, and we love the tile, so we want to enjoy it with you!

      • Conclusion

      If you’re looking for elegance and sophistication, natural stone flooring is probably what you’ll end up with. It takes the cake! We hope you learned a thing or two, but more than anything we want to congratulate you on taking on this project!

      Making thoughtful choices and watching your home transform into a fresh new space is really exciting. Some people won’t understand the emotions associated with this project but now you’re among friends, so please feel free to honor your giddy feelings. We understand! :)

      Along with the giddiness, you may feel a certain sense of nervousness over all the decisions involved in your tile project. We welcome that feeling too, and that’s why we’re here.

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about your project. Dial 888.266.4925 or visit us @  with any comments, questions, or quirky tales of home improvement. We’re excited to hear from you!

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