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I Cement to Tell You…

We’re always getting questions about cement tile. Where can I use it? How will it hold up? I love how it looks.. But is it right for me? And we’re here to tell you – it absolutely, positively depends. Here are a couple of things to consider:

Are you looking for “perfection” in your material, or are you looking for something that’s a bit more artisanal in appearance?

Cement tile is artisanal. It has unrectified, or irregular, edges, it’s slightly uneven in color, and each piece is a bit unique from all the others. Think of cookies baking in an oven. Each starts out as a similar-sized ball of dough. Once they’re baked, each cookie will look just about the same. But each one varies a little. So if you’re looking for a material that isn’t quite so artisanal, you might want to consider porcelain tile instead.

Are you looking for your material to remain relatively unchanged over time? Or will you be happy with a surface that wears naturally over time?

If you’ve ever owned a leather bag, shoes or jacket, you’ve probably noticed that, with time, the material looks more worn. It gets weathered, which, in most instances, simply adds to the character. It’s the inherent nature of the material. This is how cement tile performs, as well. It will scratch and patina. Of course, the amount of weathering will depend upon the amount of foot traffic. If you have it installed in a main walkway in your home or business, you’ll see more signs of wear. If you install it in a room that’s relatively unused or partially covered in rugs, you may not see much wear at all. If you’re looking for a material that will remain relatively unchanged over time, you may want to opt for porcelain tile. Otherwise, cement tile just might be right for you.

It’s always best to know before you buy – so here’s a full list of exactlyWhat to Expect with Cement Tile. And here’s a tip: Cement tile is porous, so always be sure to seal it before use. This will make cleaning and maintenance easier and making surface stains less likely.

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Did You Know?

Many of our clients love the artisanal appearance of cement tile. It’s one of our most popular items and is, in our opinion, one of the most Instagrammable. Check out our Insta feed and see if you agree!

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