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Geometric Patterns & Kitchen Trends: Mud Mosaics

When it comes to designing or renovating your kitchen, tying all the colors and materials together is the hardest part. While natural stone tiles have always been around, their classic appeal now comes in the form geometric patterns. With a fresh spin on an old classic, our Mud Mosaics offer simplistic yet artistic appeal that creates a unique texture for your home. The natural marbling combined with geometric patterns creates a subtle and unique way to create a focal point in your home.


Open shelving is a great way to display your everyday household wares, and gives you an opportunity to select a truly unique tile installation. Feature Mud Mosaics on your kitchen backsplash combined with open shelving for a transitional look that is here to stay. From creamy whites, rich browns, and earthy greys, the Mud Mosaic Collection offers an array of patterns to showcase in your kitchen. The wood look is making a comeback. From cabinetry, open shelving, to exposed wood beams, warm wood tones pair perfectly with natural stone. Setting these two materials as your main features, select a paint color for your walls that will allow the stone and wood to shine.


Bring in your Mud Mosaic sample and a wood sample to your local paint store, and select a warm paint color that complement your kitchen. This does not mean you need to paint your walls red, but you could select a warm white, taupe, or warm grey paint that would tie it all together. Remembering to keep your focus on the tile installation, all the other pieces will fall into place. Working with natural materials such as stone and wood makes it easy to keep everything else fairly simple. The natural patterns and textures that stone and wood offer creates a beautiful design that will surpass all trends.


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