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DIY Backsplash Tile Ideas for Kitchen and Bath - Part Two

If you’re looking to give your home a refresh, a DIY backsplash remodel is a great way to start. We’re here to help you choose from the wide array of materials, colors, shapes, sizes, textures and patterns available.

In part one of this series, we highlighted how to narrow your tile selection for your DIY backsplash remodel, and we also shared some of our favorite subway tile looks. In this segment, we’ll tell you about two more popular options for kitchens and bathrooms we’re loving right now: The hexagon tile and the herringbone pattern.

Hexagon tile backsplash ideas

Hexagon tile, which was popular in the mid-1900s, is back in a big way. Hexagon mosaics resemble the honeycombs that bees build - each individual hexagon features six perfectly symmetrical sides. In the design world, symmetry provides balance and harmony to a room. If you'd like a more peaceful spot to cook or bathe, consider incorporating this nature-inspired shape into your kitchen or bathroom DIY home improvement project.

Do you plan to carry your tile up to the ceiling in some spots of the room that lack upper cabinets - perhaps above your stove or sink? If so, you could go with a larger, more dramatic five-inch tile. One such tile that's having a major moment right now is the Hex Appeal white Carrara marble trimmed in dark basalt stone. The contrast between light and dark is exciting and modern, while the natural stone adds an air of lavish elegance. This color combo looks amazing with matte black cabinets or gray basalt countertops.

If you're working in a narrow area with a low backsplash height, you might want to choose a smaller hexagon: One-inch or two-inch tiles are both smart choices. You won't have to place each individual tile - they're sold in mesh-backed sheets that you can cut as needed, making for a much quicker install.

Keep things simple, crisp and low-maintenance with one- or two-inch all-white porcelain tiles. This will allow you to incorporate any hue into the room - you could paint your cabinets a cheerful blue or opt for colorful glassware or dinnerware. If you swap out curtains and linens frequently, an all-white hexagon backsplash is the perfect blank canvas.

Achieve a fun retro look with one-inch white with black rose pattern hexagon tiles. Or pair with a white farmhouse sink and weathered wood-look porcelain tile floor for modern farmhouse perfection!

Herringbone tile backsplash ideas
The herringbone tile pattern consists of rows of rectangles arranged to form a repeated v-shape. It's a classic look that’s understated and elegant.

 Like white subway tile or white hexagon tile, an all-white herringbone tile backsplash acts as a neutral and provides a clean, crisp backdrop for the rest of the room. When it comes to the white grout vs. dark grout debate, we love the way black grout accentuates the herringbone pattern. That said, you can never go wrong with simple white grout.

We love bringing in shades of gray and white offered, so marble backsplashes are our favorite. Whether you live in a chic modern loft in the city or a classic restored home in the country, it's an elegant look that is well-suited to various home styles.

As always, we encourage you to be bold in your design choices and to choose a tile that speaks to your unique preferences.

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