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Designing for Rest & Relaxation: A Day with The Forma Collection  


Organic textures, colors, and materials can helpbring a sense of calm, balance, and wellness into any home, transforming living spaces into spa-like retreats that pamper both body and soul. The new Forma Collection from Mission Stone & Tile is intended to help create a peaceful atmosphere for practicing yoga, meditation, and other self-care rituals at home.  


You practice your morning cleansing routine in front of a bathroom wall of glossy gray field tiles with a soft brushstroke finish, you shower using shea butter soap and a natural sea sponge and then exfoliate with a loofah, surrounded by shell colored, beveled tiles. Then it’s time to prepare a cup of rooibos tea — said to have a soothing effect on the system — before you meditate and practice yoga in your bedroom to center yourself for the rest of the day. 


You take a break from work to prep a healthy lunch in your kitchen. You chop organic veggies for a salad and grill a piece of salmon in front of a sea blue glass backsplash that has the depth and movement of waves. You reach out to touch the glassy and matte tiles that remind you of hunting for sea glass along the shore and make a date on your calendar for another trip.  


That evening you pick up a favorite book, light a few candles, and fill the bathtub with detoxifying bath salts. As the candles play with the foam white beveled tiles that surround you, you take some deep cleansing breathes and let go of all of the stress of the day. After you place a glass of water by the bedside to stay hydrated, it’s time for a guided meditation that will help drift into a deep, restful sleep.  


Wondering how the Forma Collection can help you use design to destress? Mission Stone & Tile is here to help.  

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