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Create Unique Tile Landscapes with the Alpino Collection

The Alpino Collection offers an easy way to add a touch of simple, modern European living into your home. Inspired by the geography and outdoors lifestyle of the Italian Alps, Alpino ceramic tiles are a practical surfacing solution available in a range of modern geometric patterns in warm, neutral, and cool colorways.  


Entryways & Mudrooms  

Alpino glazed ceramic wall tiles are virtually non-porous and offer easy cleanability and durability for those surfaces that come into constant contact with muddy boots, icy gloves, or dripping umbrellas. The tiles are the perfect solution for high traffic areas in every home — whether your surfaces are messy from a morning on the slopes, a day at the office, or kids on the go. 


Graphic Focal Point 


Alpino can also be used to create dramatic focal points — such as behind a functional hearth or a decorative mantelpiece. A feature wall of these unique geometric patterns will not only draw the eye while enjoying family time, but it can break up the monotony of other wall surfaces such as wood. Each matte tile is finished with a raised gloss finish and the play of the light between the matte and glossy textures adds another element to the design.  

Designer Note: Each box of tiles is a mixed collection of five patterns. There are four colorways to choose from: Cool (matte white and blue tile with a raised green gloss finish), Neutral 1 (matte white and tan tile with a raised gloss finish in golden yellow), Neutral 2 (matte black and white tile with a raised gloss finish in gray), and Warm (matte white and burgundy tile with a raised rose finish). Alpino also offers two solid color tiles, one in black and one in white. 


Kitchen & Bathroom 


Alpino is also a great way to update kitchen and bathrooms walls that might need a spark of energy, fun, or movement. In addition to solid white and solid black, Alpino offers five different geometric tile designs that can be combined in an endless range of patterns.  



A field of Alpino tiles can work as a practical backsplash for a busy kitchen or bar space, standing up to splashes, steam, and messes while adding visual interest and an unexpected twist.  

This collection of modern, geometric tiles can bring a touch of a cozy mountain retreat throughout homes of all styles, from a city loft apartment to a mid-century modern suburban house. Homeowners looking for something truly different can create unique tile landscapes in their living spaces with the Alpino Collection. 

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