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Color Palettes We Love

The start of a New Year is the perfect opportunity for fresh beginnings, resolutions and, yes, a brand new look. This year it’s all about the cool colors: Chalk whites, shoreline grays and iceberg blues.
Picture an all-white room, clean, crisp and pure - a blank canvas - and start adding accent colors that will really bring out the room’s personality. After a long and stressful work day, coming home to a calming environment with cool colors can create a relaxed and cozy space that will be easy on the eyes and soul.


How to pick the right accent color is always the big decision, but with the Essentials Collection the choice is really easy. Our Shore Thing tiles can brighten up any room with just a touch of the blue of your dreams. Their cooling tone can be versatile and soothing creating a unified but elegant appearance. Those timeless subway tiles come in various patterns and shapes and can be the perfect backdrop to any environment, adding that extra element of flare. The blue palette is always a safe and fresh color, but if you really want to give a spin to your room, green is the way to go. Green represents all things natural and has a proven uplifting effect that can brighten up any space. Every room should have something living in it, whether it be plants, flowers, or succulents bring earth-like tones that make the room feel alive and well.

Purple, bold and beautiful. The richness and contrast of purple can create a feminine flare but still stay within the cool color family.

Accenting with the cool colors has become a popular design trend, start the year right with a clean and relaxing look!


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