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Backsplash Ideas for Kitchens

As you can probably imagine, we sell a lot of basic white subway tile for backsplashes. A lot. And for good reason. It’s timeless, elegant and goes with just about everything. But our design team frequently gets asked for ideas on mixing it up a little. Naturally, our team jumps at the chance to share some other options. They love to share ways to make a kitchen pop, while still (almost always) keeping the colors fairly neutral. Here are a few of their favorite backsplash ideas:

Incorporate Subtle Texture

While most subway tile backsplashes are honed or polished and have a flat surface, some are designed with a subtle texture. Once they’re glazed, the slight variation in color gives the tile a beautiful hand-crafted appearance. Each tile becomes a work of art, and the overall aesthetic blends nicely into any décor. OurEssentials Collection was designed with this in mind. Choose from styles like Diamond, Honeycomb, Pinstripe and others, each available in a range of beautiful soft neutrals.

Mix Up the Installation Pattern

For decades, we saw the traditional Running Bond (also known as Brick) installation pattern being used for backsplashes. It’s a classic look and will (as far as we know) never go out of style. But with a slight twist of the tile, you can also get a Herringbone effect for a modern take. Or – consider a Stacked installation, wherein the tiles are (as the name suggests) stacked upon one another, with grout joints aligned. With each installation, carefully consider the grout color, which can be designed to blend in with – or stand out from – your tiles.

Go Wild with Tile

When an interior designer gets the chance to create a kitchen design unlike any other, all materials are on the table (or the wall, so to speak). And for those visions, we have a lot of options. We can’t even begin to describe how fantastic these backsplashes have turned out. You can see them here. Check out all options for backsplashes here


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