Cement Tiles: An Artisanal Touch

If you're looking for a softer, more artisanal look in your home, you may want to consider cement tiles. Cement tiles give the appearance of a handmade product. And in the case of the tiles you see here, you can get the look of an encaustic tile, which is known for the use of multiple colors of clay within a single tile.

They're a bit different than the typical tiles you see at Mission Stone & Tile. While porcelain tiles gain their strength from firing in a kiln, cement tiles gain their strength from curing. The saturated pigment on these cement tiles ensures that the material will remain beautiful and durable for years to come, while the inherent characteristics will give it a natural patina over time. The tiles will get worn a bit - like your favorite pair of jeans.

Electra Encaustic Cement Tiles are available in Marine Bone (blue) and Steel Grey and can be used on walls and floors. Just be sure to understand the inherent characteristics of cement tile before you buy! The material will scratch and patina, showing a worn, or patinaed look over time. If you like the artisanal look (and so many of our customers do - and we do too!) then cement tile is for you. If you prefer a material that holds up to wear and tear while remaining relatively unchanged over time, check out our Electra Grande Porcelain Tile, which has a similar look, a larger size, more colors - and a different material composition & production process, making it very durable.

Electra - Steel Grey

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